• Our Focus

    In the present situation, changes in operational and organizational processes through to professional systems and procedures are very common at sport and event venues. Especially contactless payment systems help to accelerate and optimize transactions and are therefore mostly focused on.
  • Products

    While looking for the „ideal“ electronic payment system, the most important task is the selection of the right components in the field of software and hardware. Individual components are combined to form a unit within an industrial serial production. The firmware of the different devices, as well as the business software of the system are adapted to one another.
  • Services

    The service for our customers is our main focus. Your wishes, ideas, and feedback for the improvement of our projects have top priority. It is our goal to maintain our permanent and fair business relations and to meet your requirements with individualized standards.
  • Your Business

    From the beginning, the profipay platform has been designed to realize various scenarios of a company. The basic technology of the system for hardware and software, which has been developed by Tonfunk, is in constant use in a large variety of projects. A partner-oriented implementation of the different procedures and processes ensures availability and transparency for your own business.

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