Nuremberg's Max Morlock Stadium kicks off profipay installation series

Profipay will be installed in more than ten stadiums, arenas and event locations in Germany before the start of the season. The first of these was the Max Morlock Stadium in Nuremberg, where a new payment era was ushered in. With Sparkasse Nuremberg and Mastercard, a total of three strong partners have joined forces, representing a viable and innovative product.

In the coming weeks, the new payment technology will be set up in nine other stadiums. "Part of the success is our value-based way of working," emphasizes René Grzega, Managing Director of Tonfunk Systementwicklung und Service GmbH. Innovation, quality and reliability are the main reasons for stadium operators to choose the Tonfunk Group, he adds.

In Nuremberg, 135 profipay cash registers and another 50 mobile units will be installed. They will ensure that the up to 50,000 spectators can pay quickly and, if desired, without cash. "Whether at the kiosk or in the fan store, with a giro or credit card, by smartphone or even with cash - everyone can pay as they wish," explains Grzega.

The primarily cashless process greatly reduces waiting times and, especially during the short halftime break, allows more visitors to be served. For the stadium operators, of course, the model is also worthwhile. "More sales in less time are just as advantageous as the easier handling of electronic payment transactions and the reduced susceptibility to errors in billing," says the profipay boss, describing the benefits.

After the basic installation of profipay, additional functions will follow. With Pre-Order, it will soon be possible to order and pay for a break snack from your seat. During the break, the snack will then only have to be picked up. This eliminates long waits at the kiosk during the half-time break.

After a short installation phase and rapid on-site training of users, profipay runs reliably from the very first use. Profipay has already won over numerous stadium operators with its innovation, quality and reliability. That is why it was decided to introduce this payment concept in Nuremberg as well.

In the future, profipay will enable pre-ordering via mobile sales units with card acceptance. In-app sales also offer new payment and marketing concepts that provide enormous added value for fans and operators.

The profipay solution offers a holistic digitized approach. Specially developed cash registers produced at the TONFUNK Group with integrated NFC for contactless data transfer, barcode imager and, if desired, with an integrated terminal. Profipay not only looks good, the cash registers can be optimally used especially in small sales units due to the small space requirement. A holistic system made in Germany that scores with durability and reliability.

Max Morlock Stadion Nuernberg Profipay Cashless Payment01
Max Morlock Stadion Nuernberg Profipay Cashless Payment02
Max Morlock Stadion Nuernberg Profipay Cashless Payment03
Max Morlock Stadion Nuernberg Profipay Cashless Payment04
Max Morlock Stadion Nuernberg Profipay Cashless Payment05
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